Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation


Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

In 1996 intense meetings between a handful of entrepreneurs and engineers led to the creation of Linea Trovata. In the think tank La Trovata ideas over sustainable forms of energy were exchanged. These ideas did not remain just thoughts. The think tank became more of an innovation work group for which deep scientific knowledge formed the basis for all renewable energy issues. Out of the box there was a search for intelligent, sustainable energy solutions by combining existing processes. Everyone had their added expertise from which the whole quickly became more than the sum of its parts. The think tank La Trovata grew the seeds for smart and sustainable energy solutions.

"It is only the smartest and the most
sustainable energy solutions that will
surpass the selection process of time."

In 2005 the collection of engineers and entrepreneurs brought Linea Trovata  to life. Linea Trovata is defined as the line of discovery, of renewal and wants to move forward in a way based on strong ethical values wherein knowledge of technology, trust and sustainability are inextricably linked.

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