Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Innovation unit

Innovation unit of entrepreneurs and engineers

During the monthly innovation meetings a team of passionate engineers explore the limits of new sustainable energy technologies and results oriented combinations. These are subsequently tested on realistic market conditions. You will meet experts who are only satisfied with the most efficient – and therefore the most sustainable – energy solutions.

"The innovation meeting is the
beating heart of Linea Trovata."

Investing in knowledge leads to quality

Linea Trovata’s solutions are founded on thorough scientific research where one is constantly looking for innovation in techniques. Linea Trovata is at all times in close contact with various research institutions such as Universities, Colleges and Science Parks. In the energy site of the old mining areas of Waterschei Vito, K.U. Leuven and Linea Trovata are collectively carrying out energy research activities.

Professional, financial and juridical advice

Linea Trovata has already realized more than 3.500 successful projects, both industrial and private. Thanks to the know-how and experience in sustainable energy techniques in combination with our financial and legal expertise, we can offer the most cost effective solution tailor-made to meet your needs and to suit everyone’s budget.

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Linea Trovata designs, builds and installs your solar system with maximum efficiency, tailored to your budget. offerte

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