Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

The Story of the Sun

About 4,6 billion years ago the Earth came to life. According to scientific research the same Earth will still exist in 5 billion years. The sun has enough fuel to shine for at least this long. The Sun forms the foundation of everything: every single living organism needs the warmth and light emanating from the Sun. Without the Sun, life on earth would cease to exist.

This is exactly why Linea Trovata puts the Sun at the heart of its sustainable energy solutions. Because Linea Trovata is dedicated to taking care of the biodiversity on this Earth to ensure a healthy and happy future for future generations.

The first traces of man date back to approximately 2 million years ago. In comparison to the age of the Earth man is extremely young. And yet. Two million years is NOT nothing. During this time man and nature has continually adapted to their environment. But despite all evolutions, man is still unable to reason in time. And we are not talking about 5, 10 or 50 years in the future. But of a period of a hundred generations.

Why keep chasing fossil fuels when we all
know that in 20, 50 or maximum 100 years
they will be completely exhausted?"

How can you invest?

Looking for optimum efficiency, choose an investment in solar energy. Discover the smart energy solutions of Linea Trovata.Investeren

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Did you know …

the Sun generates 3.000 times more energy than the world’s daily consumption.

Overview available supplies

Overview available supplies