Smart energy solutions

Smart energy solutions


Energy affects us all

Since 1900 the World energy consumption has increased by a factor of eighteen, whilst the population has ‘only’ increased fivefold. It appears that we do not use traditional energy, but overexploit it. And this leaves marks: our ecosystem is lost and the mass-balance has lost its equilibrium. But mankind is also feeling the hot breath of global warming in its back. CO2-emissions are increasing, an ever increasing amount of icecaps are melting and there is a rise in turbulent ocean currents and winds.

Everything starts from the Sun

The core thoughts of Linea Trovata are deeply rooted in the respect for the environment and the conservation of the biodiversity on Earth. For this reason we question fossil fuels and believe in the natural energy of the Sun, the mother of all sustainable energy sources. Each and every individual or manager who has thought about this and is considering stepping over to sustainable energy has come to the right address with Linea Trovata.

"Everything revolves around the sun.
Just like the solutions of Linea Trovata."


How can you invest?

Looking for optimum efficiency, choose an investment in solar energy. Discover the smart energy solutions of Linea Trovata.Investeren

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Linea Trovata designs, builds and installs your solar system with maximum efficiency, tailored to your budget. offerte

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