Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Linea Trovata, the line of discoveries or innovation

Who we are

Linea Trovata offers smart and sustainable energy solutions aimed at individuals, industries and the agricultural sector.

Linea Trovata in a nutshell

Linea Trovata engineers and realizes photovoltaic systems for companies, investors and public administrations within Benelux and throughout Europe. Linea Trovata professionally handles each and every aspect of your projects life cycle: feasibility, design, engineering, turnkey construction, monitoring and maintenance. Our experience with the realization of more than 3500 projects and with more than 75 MWp capacity installed is based upon innovation and quality.

We design your optimal solar energy project tailor made to your needs. We also guide you with every technical, legal and financial aspect during your project development, with risk management as our main focus. Finally, we take care of the highest possible yield for your specific installation to ensure you attain the best financial results based on our continuous in-house monitoring and maintenance services.

Linea Trovata Suntec NV:

  • Total installed capacity: 75 MWp.
  • Industrial photovoltaic project realizations within Benelux: top 10.
  • In-house engineering and installation teams.
  • Enormous experience with a wide range of solutions for rooftop, ground mounted and integrated systems.
  • Complete service package for one stop shop.
  • Own engineering & service solutions with possibility for 24/7 intervention team.
  • Monitoring & maintenance contracts for your project – even if it is not installed by Linea Trovata.

Focus on innovation

Linea Trovata sets itself apart on the market through its technical expertise and creativity to combine multiple technologies into one solution. Both in terms of sun, wind, biomass and closing water-, energy- and commodity cycles.

Line of discoveries

The company name literally means "The line of discoveries, of innovation". Linea Trovata is dedicated to following the correct path, a path based on strong ethical values in which ecology, economy and long term vision are inextricably linked.

Interested in an energy solution?

Linea Trovata designs, builds and installs your solar system with maximum efficiency, tailored to your budget. offerte

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