Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Energy Solutions

Solar panels

Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. By connecting different solar cells modules with each other, a sufficient quantity of electricity is produced which is used efficiently for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Thermal solar systems

Solar Heating or Thermal Solar Systems capture the sunlight and convert it into heat in order to get the water for domestic use and/or the heating support up to the level of the wanted temperature. The solar collectors warm up the cold tap water to a temperature between 10°C and 90°C. The term “solar boiler” is sometimes also used to describe the entire installation but actually only refers to one important component of the system.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are being used to provide buildings and processing entities with the required heat. To this effect heat pumps extract heat from a heat source (air, water, soil, processing) and transmit that heat at a higher temperature to a heat delivery system. More specifically, it means that there is a coolant successively circulating, evaporating, being compressed, condensed and then released.

Heat pump boiler

A heat pump boiler extracts heat from the air in order to warm up water for domestic use. Such hot air can come from any room in the house. A heat pump boiler is ideal for houses whose roofs are not fit for installing solar panels.

Pool heating

You can warm the water of your (outdoor) swimming pool in a sustainable way by making use of solar collectors or a heat pump: the best justified investment, both from an environmental and an economic point of view. Moreover, it is not only the operation of the heating that is simple, but  also the installation is smoothly done. Linea Trovata works with OKU swimming pool collectors and with Pählen and Astral for the installation of heat pumps.

Pellet stove & fireplaces

A pellet stove is a fully automatic (central) heating system using wood pellets. With an optimal use of at least 90% of the heat, a wood pellet stove is by far the most efficient heating source. Depending on the temperature asked for in the living room, it controls, on its own, the supply of pellets from the storage. For environmentally friendly stoves and fireplaces Linea Trovata has an exclusive partnership with Edilkamin, an authority on the European market for fireplaces and stoves.

Wind energy

Wind turbines are technological marvels that generate electricity day and night. Small wind turbines are not more than 15 meters high, measured from ground level to the axis, making them the perfect functional-signboard to promote the green image of your company or business.