Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Heat pump boiler

Heating water by extracting air

A heat pump boiler extracts heat from the air in order to warm up water for domestic use. Such hot air can come from any room in the house. A heat pump boiler is ideal for houses whose roofs are not fit for installing solar panels.

A heat pump boiler quickly
provides a saving of 70 percent
of your energy consumption.


Viessman Vitocal 160-A

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Advantages of a heat pump boiler

  • Heating water with free heat extracted from the air
  • A boiler of 285 liter reaches the normal temperature after 2 to 3 hours
  • Consumes three times less electricity than an electric boiler
  • Hot water up to 55°C with heat from the ambient air
  • By using electric heater: temperature to 65°C
  • Can be connected to solar collectors
  • Comfortable cooling in summer time
  • Annual electricity consumption: 80 to 100 Euros at average household water consumption
  • Outstanding output with an energy yield of 3.7 kWh per 1 kWh of used electricity
  • The boost function helps to provide lots of hot water in the shortest time possible
  • An enameled tank with an anti-corrosion rod guarantees a long lifespan of 20 years

Warmtepompboiler WerkingHow does a heat pump boiler work?

A heat pump boiler starts from the basic principle of a heat pump to extract heat from its natural environment.

Taking in the air

How does it work exactly? A heat pump boiler takes the ambient air in through a ventilator. Subsequently the air is led through a heat exchanger filled with a coolant. That coolant evaporates because of the heat from the air which, in turn, creates a kind of gas.

Two heat exchangers

The compressor presses this gas together, causing the temperature to increase. The heated gas is sent to the second heat exchanger. Right here, the heat is transmitted to the tap water, which makes the gas cool down turning it into liquid again. An expansion valve lowers the pressure and consequently the  temperature of the liquid, after which the cycle can start again.

Automatic defrost function

The heat pump boiler operates at temperatures between 2°C and 35°C and has an automatic defrost function. The boiler requires a space of 20m³ and is usually installed in the garage or the cellar, close to the washing machine or next to the central heating boiler.

The efficiency of the heat pump water boiler is 354%, this is the coefficient of performance (COP). Given that the energy from the air is low, the heat pump boiler has a large tap water tank to store the energy. The advantage is that a large amount of water can simultaneously be used from the tap, the shower and the bath.

Heat pumps working on air, circulating or reused
Linea Trovata has thoughtfully selected the Viessmann brand, type Vitocal 160-A. There are two versions.

A heat pump based on circulation of the air

This heat pump uses ambient air extracted from the room in which it is installed. This space can be used as a cool pantry or storeroom for food.

A heat pump based on reuse of the ai

This version takes –via tubes- hot air in from other rooms, such as the bathroom, the toilet or the kitchen. From there the air is led, via outlets, to the outside. In combination with air inlets which ensure fresh air comes into the living rooms, the Vitocal 160-A becomes the core component of a well controlled domestic ventilation system. This is why the Vitocal 160-A is also suitable for renovations.

Connecting to flat solar collectors

Both versions can be connected to flat solar collectors (up to 6 sqm) or vacuum tube collectors (up to 3 sqm). Thanks to this connection, sun energy is being used for the production of hot water, which lowers the electricity costs even more.

Review by Linea Trovata professionals every two to three years.

Once the water pipes and the condensate drainage system are connected, the heat pump boiler is operational. Very easy and quick to install. Always get the advice of an expert first to size the system correctly.

A heat pump boiler can be the perfect solution if  you do not have a (properly oriented) roof for solar panels. It is the second cheapest solution (after the free energy from the sun) to heat up water for domestic use. Additionally, if you wish to drastically reduce your natural gas consumption or if your PV installation produces more electricity than you consume, then the heat pump boiler is most likely the adequate solution for you.

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