Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Pellet stove & fireplaces

Heating efficiently with pellets

A pellet stove is a fully automatic (central) heating system using wood pellets. With an optimal use of at least 90% of the heat, a wood pellet stove is by far the most efficient heating source. Depending on the temperature asked for in the living room, it controls, on its own, the supply of pellets from the storage. For environmentally friendly stoves and fireplaces Linea Trovata has an exclusive partnership with Edilkamin, an authority on the European market for fireplaces and stoves.

Pellet stoves of Linea Trovata
guarantee an extremely high efficiency,
create a cozy warm atmosphere
and are environmentally friendly.


Edilkamin Top Line Tania Plus

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Benefits of a pellet stove

A pellet stove combines cosiness with efficiency. But there is more:

  • Pellet stoves have an outstanding efficiency: 90% of the heat produced, ends up in the living room; with an ordinary wood stove this is only 40%.
  • Fully automatic heating system controlling the supply of pellets without human intervention.
  • Optimal heat control thanks to a combination of radiant heat and convection heat.
  • Beautiful design fits into any modern interior.
  • Correct value for money.
  • 100% environmentally friendly and production of pellets according to a completely bio-ecological and green process.
  • Pellet combustion does not cause CO2 emissions.

Advantages of a built in fireplace

  • Beneficial with the renovation of an obsolete outdated fireplace.
  • Quick and easy to install without intervention of masons.
  • Ensures the optimal channeling of hot air to adjacent rooms.
  • Has all the advantages of pellets.
  • Combustion time of several days.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Safe and money saving: the ceramic glass door guarantees a rational utilization of the heat.
  • Well fit for chimneys with limited dimensions.

The efficiency of a pellet stove is the direct result of the combustion heat that the stove actually uses to warm up the room. The rest of the heat is lost. Pellet stoves have an efficiency of 90%, making only 10% of the heat disappear. Therefore it is best to avoid the classic open fireplace for burning wood since as much as 90% of that heat is wasted through the chimney.

PelletsLinea Trovata Bio pellets are recycled from waste wood compressed under high pressure without any addition of chemicals. Linea Trovata only works with genuine bio pellets manufactured according to stringent European standards wearing the quality label EN-plus A1. The EN-plus A1 certificate is only awarded after a rigorous and thorough quality control. In this way, Linea Trovata guarantees an optimal combustion and we are sure that the pellets are made from recycled wood. Biological pellets also have a larger contact surface than firewood and therefore provide a better combustion.

Pelletkachel Werking

How does a pellet stove work?

A jack automatically brings the pellets to the burner where (through a ceramic bougie/flame igniter) an ignition automatically takes place. At the time of ignition the pellets catch fire and you get the cozy feeling of a burning fireplace. Because the efficiency of the stove is so high - as much as 90% of the heat is retained – there is almost no ash formation. The closed combustion chamber makes sure that no soot or dust is formed. Pellet stoves are at once ecological and comfortable.



The technology behind a pellet stove
The pellet stove is a real ingenious system resulting from hard work and thorough research. Each pellet stove is equipped with software which ensures that warm air is most efficiently spread around the room where the stove is located. This happens at the temperature, at the speed and at the moments that the user wishes.

Key components of the system:

  • Cast iron combustion chamber: exceptional technical output, better heat radiation, extremely solid and durable
  • Controlled smoke exhaust, 8 cm diameter: to be installed at proper distance from a chimney
  • · Control panel: setting and monitoring of all operating phases of the stove, as well as setting of the parameters
  • Programmable timetable: automatic switching on and off of the system according to an adjustable timetable
  • Controlled airflow: the hot air flows into the room through front grills which are provided especially for this purpose
  • Remote control: the electronic card can be connected to an answering machine or telephone so that you can control the stove remotely via your mobile phone
  • Self-cleaning glass: ensuring a minimum manual cleaning of the glass

Correct sizing of the power
As is the case with any heating system, a professional calculation of the power of the stove is of paramount importance.  Power is all about the amount of heat that a pellet stove can generate in order to warm up a room in an optimal way. If the power of the pellet stove is too low the room will not reach the wanted temperature, if the power is too high the pellet stove will not be able to burn at full capacity. Therefore Linea Trovata pays much attention to the proper sizing of the stove in order to find the best match between its power and the space to be heated.

Offer of pellet stoves

Linea Trovata proposes a wide range of pellet stoves. The differences lie in their power and their size.

EdilKamin Model Power Remote control
Technical Details
EdilKamin Seven
Seven 175 8 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Brio Brio 190 8 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Flexa Flexa 190 8 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Lilia Plus Lilia Plus 190 8 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Logo Logo 235 9 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Nancy Nancy 235 9 KW Optional More info
EdilKamin Tiny Tiny 235 9 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Kelly Kelly 235 9 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Cherie Cherie 270 11 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Space Space 270 11 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Moon Moon 270 11 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Vintage Vintage 270 11 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Funny Funny 270 11 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Nilo Nilo 345 13,2 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Rio Rio 345 13,2 KW Standard More info
EdilKamin Danubio Danubio 345 13,2 KW Standard More info

Offer of fireplaces

EdilKamin Pelletinsert 54

Pellinsert 54 is een economische, automatische en ecologische


  • Eenvoudig te installeren dankzij de speciale metalen ondersteuning
  • Metselwerk is niet vereist
  • Zowel geschikt voor het hergebruiken van een oude haard als voor het bouwen van een nieuwe haard
  • Afstandsbediening met display 40x40

EdilKamin Pelletbox SCF

Pellbox SCF is een monoblock kachel die de innovatieve kracht van pellets
als brandstof volledig benut.


  • Autonomie van meerdere dagen
  • Werkt volautomatisch
  • Rationeel gebruik van de warmte en continue werking
  • Eenvoudige installatie zonder extra metselwerk
  • In de hoogte verstelbare steun
  • Voorzien van een afstandsbediening en weekklok

Highest quality standards with Edilkamin

Edilkamin has grown to be one of the largest producers of fireplaces and stoves in Europe today. Each production phases involves high technology. Every process is controlled to the smallest detail and in the most precise way: from the cutting of steel plates using lasers on seven ultra-modern machines through to the welding in fully automated work stations and the painting of lacquer by advanced robots.

Edilkamin commits to the highest quality production standards, at the lowest possible cost, coupled with production on an industrial scale. With five plants in Europe and more than 400 employees, they offer high quality products at competitive prices. For more info refer to

To ensure a continued optimal performance, EdilKamin highly recommends a yearly maintenance, which is also required for the warranty.

The price is defined by the type of installation. A pellet stove costs between 2,000 and 4,000 euros, depending on the targeted power. Unlike other green energy equipment, biomass applications do require fuel. The costs for fuel will mainly depend on the market price, the distance for transport and the volume of the delivery. The consumption costsrelated to the use of pellet stoves are estimated at approximately half the costs of fuel oil.
The above
information is based on information from the Flemish Agency for Energy.

Pellets at six percent VAT
The government supports the use of pellets by offering them at six percent VAT. You can also buy your pellet stove at six percent VAT provided the property is older than five years. There are no further specific grants.

The payback period is difficult to estimate because a pellet stove is often used for additional heating. It is true that the raw material (pellets) is fifty percent cheaper than fuel oil or gas. This saves substantially on your energy bill.

  • Choose an installation with the correct power: with too little power you can stoke as much as you want but the room will still remain cold; however, with too much powerit may get too hot.
  • The storage of wood pellets can take a lot of space. Make sure to have an appropriate storage place with an easy passageway and choose a local supplier. To get a right impression of the needed volumes: 150 kilograms biopellets correspond to approximately 75 liters of fuel oil.

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