Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Thermal solar systems

Hot water through a thermal solar energy system

Solar Heating or Thermal Solar Systems capture the sunlight and convert it into heat in order to get the water for domestic use and/or the heating support up to the level of the wanted temperature. The solar collectors warm up the cold tap water to a temperature between 10°C and 90°C. The term “solar boiler” is sometimes also used to describe the entire installation but actually only refers to one important component of the system.

Linea Trovata has very carefully selected the components, based on experience and expertise, with the only goal to put together a proper high quality LT-Thermal Solar System to be used for hot water for domestic use.  For domestic water heating and central heating, we are working together with the well known high quality brand Viessmann.

“A LT Solar Thermal System covers approximately
60% of the water needs for domestic use.”


We developed a powerful and innovative solar thermal system, tailored to the needs of private households. And for organizations with high needs of heat, we have an energy  effective solution to offer. Ideal for warm water applications in swimming pools, rest homes, hospitals, hotels, sports clubs, wellness centers, ...

Thermal Solar Systems

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Benefits of a Thermal Solar System

  • (Pre)heating for the production of domestic and/or central heating water
  • Short payback period between 4 and 10 years
  • Inexhaustible source of energy
  • Durable installation for 20 years
  • Energy saving up to 60%
  • Support measures from the government

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How does a thermal solar system work?

Solar cells in thermal solar systems work in a completely different way than photovoltaic solar systems.

A solar collector catches the irradiating light and converts it into heat. A heat conveying liquid (glycol mixture) brings the solar heat to the boiler. In the boiler the heat is passed on to the cold water after which the liquid goes back to the solar collector to be heated up again. A circulation pump makes sure the heat conveying liquid is circulating in a proper way. The hot water itself is stored in the boiler until it is being used. A reheating system can get the water, if necessary, up to the targeted temperature level. A controller monitors the circulation pump and supervises the security of the installation.

LT Thermal Solar System to heat up water for domestic use

Linea Trovata developed an innovative and excellent thermal solar system offering outstanding value for money. Your entire installation consists of a number of high-quality components to attain the highest possible result in terms of energy: solar collector, solar boiler and solar pump station.

  1. An efficient and powerful solar collector
    The LT-solar collector is an affordable flat plate collector, ideal for warming up tap water and central heating water. Irradiating sunlight is efficiently converted by means of a transparent low-iron glass cover accommodated with a high degree light transmittance and a spectral-selective absorber. The aluminum frame ensures a thorough insulation and a long lifetime.

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  2. An upright standing indirect solar boiler
    This is a LT-enameled boiler with double serpentine changer for the production of tap water. At the bottom there is a connection for the solar collector, at the top a connection for the reheating. One of the qualities is its high corrosion resistance thanks to the presence of the magnesium anode. The boiler is equipped with a high-quality insulation coating, features a handy thermometer and offers the possibility of connecting an electric resistor.

  3. A reliable and smart solar pump station
    The LT-solar pump system is a compact and insulated entity consisting oftwo ball valves with check valve, thermometers, circulation pump, flow meter, air gauge, safety valve, ... The intelligence of the electronic control guarantees an optimal cooperation between the various components of the solar boiler.

A solar boiler as heating support and for hot water at home

For the combination of hot water for domestic use and heating support, Linea Trovata relies on the high quality brand Viessmann. In this system the solar boiler serves both as a heating support and for the heating of domestic hot water. The storage tank only contains water suitable for central heating applications.

Hot water for domestic use through a heat exchanger

Typically in this process is the so-called “chimney” system creating layers of temperature levels in the storage tank or the solar boiler: hot water at the top and cold water at the bottom. As soon as the solar collectors are activated, the heated water starts circulating in a chimney-like tube inside the storage tank. At well defined levels in this “chimney”, the heated water flows through valves into the solar boiler. This can only happen when the water in the collector has the same temperature as in the boiler because the 'stronger' cold water will, due to its higher pressure, push back the warmer water that consequently cannot get in. And what is the result? The heated water rises up the chimney until it is 'strong' enough to open one of the valves and mix with the water in the storage tank. A revolutionary and patented system.

Reheating water for domestic use

Hot water for domestic applications such as washing at the sink or taking a shower and bath, passes through a heat exchanger in which the water undergoes an additional heating. The big advantage is that there is never stagnant hot water and thus no danger for the legionella bacteria. For reheating different technologies can be used such as the existing heating system or a new condensing boiler or a heat pump or a pellet boiler.

Linea Trovata also disposes of a system without such a layer system.

The bare absorber

Ideal for low temperature applications, e.g. to raise the temperature in a swimming pool by 5 to 10 degrees


  • No expensive greenhouses, glass or other insulation systems
  • No heat exchanger
  • Use of the existing filter pump as a circulation pump

Flat plate collectors

The flat plate collector is a sustainable system, ideally suited for domestic hot water and heating support.  Of great importance here is the spectral-selective layer, as it ensures an optimized output of the collector.


  • Optimal efficiency of the collector
  • The spectral-selective layer increases the absorption and reduces the emission
  • High quality with an outstanding value for money

Vacuum collectors

Fit for high temperature applications in heating, absorption cooling, industry. Vacuum collectors have a high degree of insulation, whereby convection losses are practically avoided.


  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally (+0 ° to 90 °)
  • Easy assembly of the individual tubes.
  • Tubes can be oriented towards the sun, max 20 °

A thermal solar system accommodated with a reheating facility consumes substantially less energy than a conventional water heating system. Even with insufficient sunshine, the sun still provides enough energy for the preheating of the water. On average a person consumes 50 liters of water a day, which can be heated up in a sustainable way for up to 60% by the use of a thermal solar system.

Generally speaking, up to 35% can be saved by making use of solar energy while heating up water for domestic use and for central heating. On top of this, by replacing the old heating system, an additional 35% can be saved. A total saving that easily mounts up to 60%.

The largest yield is expected if the collector is South facing. It is recommended to keep the inclination steep enough because of the higher need for heat in winter time when the sun stays low.  The ideal slope is between 45 and 60 °.

The mounting of the collectors

On-Roof Fixed on a mounting rail with hooks under the roofing (tiles, slates) or with bolts through the roof cover.

In-Roof – The collector is integrated into the roofing.

Freestanding installation Fixed on the roof by means of a mounting structure and ballast.

The lifespan of a thermal solar system is at least 20 years. Maintenance by a specialist is required every three years. This maintenance includes the replacing of the magnesium anode and other components that are part of the LT-thermal solar system.

A thermal solar system is a very rewarding and most affordable energy saving system for the purpose of heating up domestic water and any other heating support. Both for private households and companies.

  • Swimming pools
  • Sports clubs
  • Rest homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Agriculture and horticulture

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