Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Only the smartest and most sustainable energy solutions endured the selection of the time

Wind energy

Electricity made from wind

Wind turbines are technological marvels that generate electricity day and night. Small wind turbines are not more than 15 meters high, measured from ground level to the axis, making them the perfect functional-signboard to promote the green image of your company or business.

14% of green electricity in Flanders
is generated by wind.

Wind Energy

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Advantages of wind energy

  • Inexhaustible source of green energy
  • Turning wind into electricity without additional residue
  • Ideal to promote a green image
  • High energy output at high wind speed
  • Definite choice for a lower electricity bill
  • Independent from fossil fuels
  • Solid construction with a lifespan of 20 years and low maintenance
  • Quiet, even quieter than the wind
  • Futuristic design created for optimal catch of the wind
  • Granting the right to Green Electricity Certificates and a counter that rolls back

How does a small wind turbine work?
What is typical for a small wind turbine is that it positions itself perpendicularly to the wind. The blades are designed in such a way that they always catch the wind in an optimized way. They make sure the rotor at the top of the axle rotates in such a way that it creates an electric alternating current. This AC is not suitable for injection into the public grid and is therefore converted via an intermediate step to an AC voltage that can be connected to the existing electrical installation.

What is the output of a windmill?
Linea Trovata distributes turbines that generate electricity at a wind speed starting from about 9 km/h, the maximum output being delivered at a wind speed of 45 km/h. One turbine can provide the total consumption of an average family.

Optimal efficiency with straight forward wind currents
Wind turbines yield the highest output when the wind is straight and uninterrupted. The wind speed increases with the height: the higher the turbine, the higher the output. The ideal location for a wind turbine is in the middle of large open spaces or on industrial sites with few high-rise buildings in the neighborhood.

Linea Trovata is the exclusive distributor of Vertéole and Phono Wind.

The approach of Linea Trovata

Linea Trovata is more than just a supplier of wind turbines. After a thorough survey of the local situation wind experts analyze the optimal energy yield of your green investment. Linea Trovata’s differentiation in the market is due to the fact that itlooks beyond wind power alone. For example, the yield of wind power is higher in winter time and thus wind power is highly complementary to a solar energy installation.

Combining wind- and solar energy

Do you literally and visually want to put your organization’s image of sustainability in the spotlight? Then choose an integrated solution of solar and wind energy to illuminate your billboard.

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Linea Trovata designs, builds and installs your solar system with maximum efficiency, tailored to your budget. offerte

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